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Finally, the solution you've been waiting for...

I think we can all agree that life has been really tough lately - but your love life doesn’t need to be added to that list of challenges.

For the last 5 years, I have been holding space for women to reach out and get support on:

☀️ self love,
☀️ self confidence, &
☀️ feminine energy 

I have loved creating the containers within my facebook & IG livestreams, through my Attraction Academy group coaching programs, and 1:1 VIP Clients 

🤔 But something felt missing.

I've been reflecting and asking myself:

☀️What happens when my clients finish their program?
☀️How do we stay connected?
☀️What happens if they have extra questions or want help with integration?

And for the ladies who have yet to work with me, but have been feeling the financial strain from this year -

♥️ How do I give them the resources they need without breaking the bank?
♥️ What if they’re not ready quite yet for a full coaching program, but would like to still have a coach in their life?
♥️ What if they have specific questions and don’t want to rely on biased advice from friends and family?

Navigating the dating & relationship landscape
can be challenging. 
Can you relate to feeling any of these?

🤯 Your mind is constantly in overdrive second guessing every text message, phone call & interaction with men making you feel like a "crazy girl"

😍 You worried if you might get carried away in the moment and "lose yourself' within a relationship... falling into codependent or toxic patterns

😕 You've heard of feminine energy & want to be more connected to your intuition, but have no idea how to apply it in relationships or where to start.

🤨 You feel like the 3rd (or 5th) wheel when hanging out with friends & wish you could have other women who get you & are on your level.

🤔  You secretly compare yourself to other women, feeling not good enough, pretty enough, attractive enough... you've done work on yourself, but just can't shake it for good and it frustrates you.

😣 You have thoughts of inadequacy creep in when you start dating someone new... and you feel like you have to regularly give yourself pep talks to stay "high vibe".

🙄 You have challenges communicating with men in a vulnerable way without coming off weak & worry you'll be "too emotional"

And so... After weeks, & months of deepening into meditation, I have felt the calling to CREATE SOMETHING BRAND NEW for EACH OF YOU…

To help EQUIP YOU WITH THIS NEW WORLD we are living in.

This offering will be ACCESSIBLE TO EVERY WOMAN WHO is:

- fed up of attracting the wrong men,
- tired of self sabotaging themselves, &
- is ready to step into their femininity & claim their forever partner.

🌎 ✨This is something I’d never dreamed of creating - until I realised it was BEING ASKED FOR by the world…

💕Something that has the potential to support women on a massive scale.

💎 Something accessible, affordable and powerful all at the same time.

- No matter where you live
- No matter how much money you have
- No matter what your current love life circumstance is.

🔥🔥GET EXCITED!!! I present to you...

Because I know that...

✨  You want a safe supportive place to ask questions about love, so you can feel motivated, and empowered to go after what you want.

✨ You want angel guidance from a modern coach who GETS you

✨ You want tools and support for your journey to becoming your most authentic, messy, confident self

✨ You want help with integrating everything they've already learned from my courses & programs to have long term success

The Ladies' Love Lounge is the 
only membership coaching community 
where you receive 
consistent, quality, personal attention from Teal 
AND a soul sisterhood tribe of like-minded women to connect with 

from now until you say "I Do".

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When it comes to love advice,
talking to friends & family
 just won't cut it. 

You need a coach
who is objective & professional, & a 
community of other women like you 
can show you that:

  1. You’re not crazy

  2. You’re not alone

  3. With a bit of mindset shifts & new tools,
    You CAN have what you want

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  • Second guessing a recent conversation with your man?

Ask Teal anything Tuesday's at 12pm PST every week via her private livestream channel and get the on the spot support you need, without investing $1000's on personal coaching.

Can't join live? That's ok! Post your questions ahead of time & catch the replay whenever is most convenient for you.


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Weekly Meditations

Want to make meditation a more consistent part of your weekly practice?

Part of learning how to
"Relax into Love" means making time to get out of our head & into  our heart.

Teal will host a variety of different modalities, breathwork sessions, and transcendental experiences to help you deepen into your practice & truly relax into love.  

Plus, gain access to this vault of valuable content...

As a founding member, not only do you get access to live weekly & monthly calls, but you will also unlock this valuable bonus content to keep you feeling motivated and inspired every month.

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Meet Your Coach

Teal Elisabeth, CEO & Founder of Relax Into Love, 
supports powerhouse  women to gain inner self confidence & relationship mastery with joy & ease.

She is a Spiritual Love and Relationship Coach trained in the principles of Feminine Energy, NLP, & deep subconscious reprogramming.

Through her teachings, she helps women awaken their highest evolved, powerful Goddess Essence & create a divine connection within themselves and their partner.

She has been happily co-creating a deeply soul-nourishing spiritual partnership with her fiance for the last 7 years while traveling the world as nomadic entrepreneurs.

What women are saying...

"Teal! I don't know how you do it - but it seriously
it feels like MAGIC.
Everything you said would happen has come true! 
Tony just told me he loves me and
begged me to be exclusive with him.

He says I'm unlike any woman he's ever met. 
I know that's a direct reflection of our work together

because I've never had anyone ever say that to me before.

I've never felt more sure in who I am, what I deserve, and I am just SO HAPPY! I feel like my perspective on life has completely changed. You are so incredible!

Working with Teal has been one of the best experiences of my life.

If anyone is considering working with Teal, you
definitely need to do it!  

It's an amazing opportunity to feel supported, guided and cared for while you make big changes in your life. 

Know that you're in for quite a's not particularly easy work.  But it's SO worth it.

I talk to everyone about Teal.

Trust her, she's got your back so that you can have yours :)"

Santa Barbara, California USA

Angela P. Colorado, USA

"Teal helped me through one of the hardest times (if not THE hardest time) of my entire life. She was a sister to me. She was an angel for me at I time that I needed someone to understand me and to support me - and to believe in me. I honestly needed that healing space to be real and to be vulnerable to turn back around and get back up, and she was there for me.  

I truly appreciate everything she gave to me, THANK YOU from my best and highest self. She helped me get back up, and on the road to joy in my life 🙂 and what is more important than that from one human to another in life ?"  

​*         *           *

​Fiona, France

"Thank you so much Teal - I feel so much light and joy since working with you. You have not only helped me clear through one lifetime, but CLEAR THROUGH THREE LIFETIME'S worth of emotional baggage that I'd been holding on to! I am so incredibly grateful to you!!"

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