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Teal Elisabeth, CEO & Founder of Relax Into Love Coaching, supports powerhouse CEO's and 6- Figure Entrepreneurial Women to become MASTERS of their love life & manifest their most desired relationship with joy and ease.

She is a Spiritual Love and Relationship Coach trained in the principles of Feminine Energy, NLP, & deep subconscious reprogramming.

Through her teachings, she helps conscious, evolved powerful women awaken to elevated partnership and divine connection within themselves and their partner.

She has been happily co-creating a deeply soul-nourishing spiritual partnership with her fiance for the last 7 years while traveling the world as nomadic entrepreneurs.

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As a heart based business owner and coach, Teal loves holding space to support women as they move through her materials to fast track their growth and development. 

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During this free love breakthrough session, Teal will hold space for you to share more about where you're at, what you may be struggling with in self love / relationships, and chat about how she can best support you.

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