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Alice, South Korea

"I’m so grateful to the universe for sending you into my life. I can’t put into words how much you’ve changed my life.

"Before we’d got on a call together, I’d been binge watching other love coaching videos from people like Matthew Hussey or Helena Hart… but nothing really hit me until you came along - and I was struck by your energy… your essence really came across and I thought - wow I really need to speak to her, she gets me. She really understands this.

Teal has taught me how to tap into my own inner guidance, and connect to my heart in a way I never thought possible. I had no idea what feminine energy even meant… I knew I was masculine - but I didn’t even know what that meant either!

I now can really see people looking at me differently - and I’ve attracted in a man who respects me SO MUCH for being in this new way of operating, and it allows him to step up and be the man I really desire.

More than anything, Teal has taught me how to really LOVE MYSELF - and that has been so incredible." 

Clare, Colorado USA

This program is unlike anything I've ever experienced from other coaches or courses. Worth Every Penny.

"Before working with Teal, I was constantly in my head! I was trying to strategize, and play this game of chess with myself about how to make the relationship work. I kept worrying how is this all going to play out and it was exhausting. I felt like I was on an emotional relationship treadmill of death... 

Teal gave me an opportunity to voice what was going on in my head and hold space in such a loving way for me to champion for my value and be ok no matter what happened. 

The biggest thing I realized is that you really "don't have to go get the love. You can lean back and watch the ring naturally follow if you apply the tools and strategies that Teal is able to give you". 

Sabrina, Chicago, USA

I never would have been able to let my guard down if it wasn't for you. Thank you so MUCH. You've changed my life in sooo many ways."

"When I came to Teal, I was dealing with a lot of health problems, and inside I really felt BROKEN.

Through our work together, you helped me learn how to love & accept myself... and that changed my entire world for the better.

I've now fallen in love with my body & self, lost over 45 lbs, AND attracted in a man that I've been dating for over a year and a half - and the best part is? He loves me even more BECAUSE of all the adversity I've been through... I can't thank you enough." 

Ella Cook, Bali, Indonesia


"Before working with Teal, in so many ways I had every thing I wanted, but when it came to love it was eating away at my soul because I wanted this more than anything else.

Since working together, I feel like the rose tinted glasses that I used to wear putting men on a pedestal have gone away, and I now feel SO EMPOWERED in knowing exactly who I am and what I deserve to attract. All I need to do is focus on the new found love I have for myself and know that that energy is what will attract in the man who is right FOR ME. And that's exactly what I've been able to do! And it's phenomenal!

Loni, London, UK

"I had no idea just how SIMPLE relationships could be once I was able to learn how to love myself. I am eternally grateful to Teal.

I have always been a super confident woman and for a while I was reluctant to talk to Teal because I thought that I could just figure this out on my own.

But after having the same experience of men breaking up with me over and over again, I realized that I was the common denominator and I needed help to overcome this pattern.

If you are considering doing this work, I say PLEASE DON'T WAIT - you just need to talk to Teal.

Teal goes so much deeper than just talking about dating and men- she holds space for you to go deep into everything that you've been afraid to and clear it out with such ease.

And she makes it feel so safe, and comfortable and even fun! I hope you are able to experience the love and magic that I've been able to feel.

I have now been able to attract the most incredible man in my life and I am so incredibly happy. He is so lovely and everything AND MORE than I ever thought I could have attracted. I've also had such better relationships with my parents, friends and everyone in my life as a result of this work together. I am so eternally grateful to Teal."

Chimine, Toronto Canada

"Working with Teal CHANGED MY ENTIRE LIFE. I am so deeply grateful to her.

I had a therapist before coming to you and I got so irritated with her... She kept asking me - "How do I feel" but could never help me actually access my heart to understand how I felt.

I felt so blocked emotionally until I met you - and the fear cleansing and soul cleansing completely shifted me from the darkness I had been living in and I truly felt like for the first time in my life... I COULD BREATHE.

After vetting a lot of coaches, I resonated with you because you are so heart centered - and the soul cleansing you helped me with after just one session made such a huge difference in my life.

Everyone in their life needs to do this deep work. Teal IS THE TEXTBOOK AND MANUAL to guide us back into our hearts & our inner power."

Asha, North Carolina USA

"This program allowed me to learn how to honor my feelings and be vulnerable...I now feel like I can truly deeply LOVE MYSELF. I know I can't attract deep love from others unless I am able to truly love myself.

I felt Teal's genuine authenticity and desire to deeply love anyone who reaches out to her.

What she's doing is REAL - and it's so empowering. Teal has something about her that allows you to really feel safe to be yourself and figure it out. I appreciate her SO MUCH.

What I love about her company is that it's NOT gimicky... not "trying to get a man in 90 days" ... but that it really comes from the heart.

For any one considering working with Teal - I would say DO IT!"


Teal Elisabeth, CEO & Founder of Relax Into Love Coaching, supports ambitious women to become MASTERS of their love life & manifest their most desired relationship with joy and ease.

She is a Spiritual Love and Relationship Coach trained in the principles of Feminine Energy, NLP, & deep subconscious reprogramming.

Through her teachings, she helps  women awaken to an elevated partnership and divine connection within themselves and their partner.

She has been happily co-creating a deeply soul-nourishing spiritual partnership with her husband for the last 9 years while traveling the world as nomadic entrepreneurs.

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