Have you ever felt like you were "bad at love?"

No matter how many relationships you've been in, you notice yourself falling into the same patterns...

Attracting in the same types of men

Feeling excited in the beginning - but then watching it

fizzle out or crash and burn

Over and over again...

You have probably even thought to yourself:

“I just don’t get it, I feel like I'm a catch: I'm fun, independent, easy to be around, ready to commit... why can’t I get a guy to stick around?”

And no matter how many times you get back out there - it happens over and over again

Subtly eating away at your confident exterior

& making you start to wonder if you'll ever be able to 

fill that feeling of having happy, fulfilling relationship from the deep void in your heart

Or maybe you've been in a relationship for some time,
but it's getting stagnant.

You feel like you've lost the connection with your man -

Or never really had it to begin with...

Your heart deeply yearns for those deep heart to heart chats on the couch

Those romantic date nights where you feel so connected, aligned & together

Rather than the superficial, surface level state that you've both fallen into.

Your communication is rocky & when you do try to express yourself,

it ends up in a fight or with awkward tension that makes you both shut down.


If this is how you're feeling right now my love, I want you to know:

I see you,
I hear you
I understand you

And I've gotchu boo.


I've been exactly where you are right now, and here's what I can assure you:


For 8 years I was caught in my own dating pattern that I now call the "hook and fizzle"...

Where I would allure men in with seeming like a fun, cool independent woman

But a few weeks or months in, I would start to really like them and something would shift...

And they would break up with me or fizzle away. Over and over again. For 8 years.

No matter how confident, independent or badass I felt on the outside

What I didn't realize was

Something wasn’t in alignment within me.

Deep down, I had beliefs, fears and insecurities that I was afraid to show or admit

(to men, my friends, even myself).

And as much as I tried to pretend they didn’t bother me & act "fine"

it was still coming through

 in my energy subconsciously.

I lacked the tools to communicate, &

the understanding of how relationships work on a deeper energetic level



Men have an uncanny ability to pick up on your energy.

It doesn’t matter how “fine” you seem

Or how sexy you look

Or how confident you act.

If deep down, you still feel a bit “squishy” - they can sense it.

They may not be able to tell you, or even understand it

But they KNOW.

And it acts like subconscious energy spikes that will push them away.

Over and over again.

If you're in a relationship, they may still be going through the motions of being with you - 

But they're not feeling that DEPTH that triggers their heart to

feel the intimacy that will keep them wanting to stay forever.

This is the thing that no one is telling you…

But changes EVERYTHING once you realize it.

This is why you still feel like you’re “Bad at Relationships”.

This is why no matter how many times you try to “get back out there” or reconnect with your man

You still have the same results.

This is why no matter how many programs or courses you’ve tried in the past

to learn how to date or be good in relationships

It still feels like something hasn’t “clicked”.

Our energy is everything.

Once I realized this, and began playing in the world of relationship energetics

Everything changed.



When it comes to your love life - 
whether you’re single, dating or in a relationship that’s just gotten stagnant 
not moving towards the commitment you want

It’s time to look a bit deeper

It’s time to consider where you might be 

out of alignment with your own inner self

It’s time to reconnect to that divine feminine essence within you

& so you can attract (and keep!) that perfect partner who is your energetic match

It’s time to go through the entire depths of your “mental closet” 

& do a massive PURGE of all the things that aren’t bringing you joy or serving your highest good.

It’s time to take that ego and put it on the shelf - and allow yourself to get curious again about what’s obviously not working

Where your patterns are

And completely shift how you feel on the inside

So it can be matched and reflected on your outside.

Time to revisit your vision, clear through your insecurities and fears, & master the art of your emotions & communication skills

So that you can feel truly EMPOWERED the next time you step into

another date or

moment with your sweetheart 

From an entirely new YOU.

This is when we open up the space for what I like to call "Sacred Union".

Its a feeling of such






You feel like you can see right to his heart

& he can feel yours in return

Imagine how your relationships would change if you had this level of closeness?

It starts with creating that level of deep heart connection with yourself first.

Rediscovering that warm, loving, innate feminine energy within you

And understanding how to speak in a way that draws him in magnetically

So they can feel safe, adored and inspired

And that's the best part! You don't have to try and CHANGE HIM OR THE RELATIONSHIP...

This no longer has to feel like something that's out of your control

Because this is all about shifting who YOU get to become.

As we shift our energy - Men naturally match that new essence.

I've seen it happen over and over again.

That's why no matter how many times you've "tried to change things" in the past

or how many other programs & courses you've taken

It hasn't gone deep enough

until now.



Just think about it: How do you think men would respond

if you were to truly show up as your

authentic, embodied, relaxed, divine feminine self?

**HINT: It changes EVERYTHING.

Don’t take my word for it. Hear what ladies are saying right now:

Sabrina, Chicago, USA

"When I came to Teal, I was dealing with a lot of health problems, and inside I really felt BROKEN.

Through our work together, you helped me learn how to love & accept myself... and that changed my entire world for the better.

I've now fallen in love with my body & self, lost over 45 lbs, AND attracted in a man that I've been dating for over a year and a half - and the best part is? He loves me even more BECAUSE of all the adversity I've been through...

I never would have been able to let my guard down if it wasn't for you. Thank you so MUCH. You've changed my life in sooo many ways."

Alice, South Korea

"Before signing up for this, I’d been binge watching  people like Matthew Hussey or Helena Hart… but nothing really hit me until you came along - and I was struck by your energy… & thought - wow she gets me. She really understands this.

Teal has taught me how to tap into my own inner guidance, and connect to my heart in a way I never thought possible. I had no idea what feminine energy even meant… I knew I was masculine - but I didn’t even know what that meant either!

I now can really see people looking at me differently - and I’ve attracted in a man who respects me SO MUCH for being in this new way of operating, and it allows him to step up and be the man I really desire.

More than anything, Teal has taught me how to really LOVE MYSELF - and that has been so incredible.

I’m so grateful to the universe for sending you into my life. I can’t put into words how much you’ve changed my life."

April, North Carolina, USA

 Teal!! I MET THE ONE!

He is everything and more - we are each other's perfect match! Like I don't know how it happened, but it's everything you said it was going to be!

And it's amazing - He's amazing, he comes to me, he is everything I've ever wanted. We laugh all the time, we have so much in common, he's met my sister... it's been so awesome.

AND... he just asked me to move in with him!

 Thank you so MUCH for everything you've ever taught me, and everything that's shifted... I'm blown away. Thank you. Thank you Thank you!"


The insights, shifts, & breakthroughs from this program are incredible...

These are just a handful of happy messages I receive weekly from women in my DMs...

But it shows me that this process WORKS.  

Are you Ready to Dive In?

✨ The Content:✨ 

Pre- Work: The Love Life Accelerator RoadMap & Guidebook


Think of this as your “cheat sheet” check off list to make sure that all the basics are covered before we dive into the juiciness & depth of the energetics. 

Inside this roadmap, you’ll receive over 30 hours of videos around the main categories of Self Love, Feminine Energy, Communication, Mindset & The Law of Attraction - each with corresponding workbook journal prompts to help lay the groundwork for what we will be going into in depth inside the program.

The magic inside of this accelerator alone is worth the entire price of the course - but I’m gifting it to you as your special pre-work to wet your appetite before the main course :) 


Lesson 1: Vision Activation


Before you tell me “Teal I’ve done this exercise so many times and nothing’s changed…” let me say this:

You’ve never done a vision like I’m going to show you. This is about tapping into the law of attraction & truly activating your vision on a SOUL LEVEL. 

This is not just writing out a “nice list of qualities you want” in a partner. This is a full blown, heart fluttering, omg it’s on it’s way to me, “I can’t believe it’s happening” vision. 

And it has to come first because without this level of clarity and direction, you will continue spinning in circles, picking the same types of men, staying in your same patterns. Time to blow up that vision and start fresh.


Lesson 2: Elevated Attraction & Feminine Embodiment


Society has conditioned us to become very comfortable in our masculine energy… we feel at home when we are planning, thinking, analyzing, and #gettingshitdone. The problem is, that as great as that works for our careers, it has the OPPOSITE EFFECT on our relationships.

If we want to draw in a masculine energy man, we have to understand the balance of the feminine and the masculine energies, and fully embody those qualities that will naturally magnetize masculine energy men towards us. 

And I’m not saying you have to sacrifice anything about who you are currently… this is about allowing an entire other side of your being to come online. Allowing that beautiful feminine essence that’s been repressed up until now to have the chance to shine! 

SIDE NOTE: **This is such a powerful lesson! I literally have to bat men away constantly when I’m out running errands even to this day because of how magnetic my energy is.


Lesson 3: Communication & Emotions


Women often are afraid of “having feelings” because they don’t want to be seen as “emotional” or weak. But this is completely the wrong perspective. Emotions are not a bad thing. They are actually the most IMPORTANT part of being a human being and creating closeness within a relationship. 

The difference comes in how we express our feelings with others.

In this lesson you will be learning my specific 4 step framework to Manage your Emotions in a healthy way, and understand the depths of how to communicate with men to draw them in so effortlessly with the way you speak that they instantly feel closer to you than ever before.


SIDE NOTE** This is one of the most important shifts that women tell me when made makes a huge difference in their dynamic with men - not to be skipped!!


Lesson 4 - Slay Your Fears & Limiting Beliefs


This lesson is where the rubber hits the road so to speak & is a huge game- changer in how your energy & mindset about love will begin to shift for the rest of their life. 

When we take the time to uncover those subconscious fears, limiting stories, anxieties, and insecurities - we begin to take our power back. We realize that they are just old programming based on our past… but they do not need to dictate our present or future reality.

In this lesson I’ll be guiding you through a powerful hypnotic meditation to fully uncover any / ALL fears, reprogram your mind, and set you into a new set of beliefs
so you remember that you are worthy, deserving and fully capable of having EXACTLY what you want.

This lesson is where the metaphysical meets the practical. I’ll bring ALL the magic - and you will uncover realizations and epiphanies that you never realized were keeping you blocked. 

This is where you realize exactly WHY you haven’t had things change (until now). This is where you choose an entirely new way of beliefs. 

It is one of my favorite lessons inside this program & guaranteed to change your entire mentality and outlook on love.


Lesson 5: Open His Heart & Make Him Feel Safe


Men need to be able to FEEL your heart to fall in love. But instead of doing this, we usually try to hide our hearts for fear of being “vulnerable” or showing we care too much. 

This has the opposite effect to men, and they interpret it as being closed off or unsafe to share their heart with you. And from that place, things will never progress deeper into real lasting intimacy.

In this lesson you will learn exactly how to become “strong on the inside, and soft on the outside”... So he can naturally relax into your presence & feel like you are “unlike any woman he’s ever met”... 


Remember: when we make men feel safe to open their hearts, we draw them in forever.


Lesson 6 - Radiate Your Power & Radical Self Love


This lesson brings you back in touch with how to feel sparkly with magic inside so you can radiate that out like a light from your heart. Because that’s what men are deeply looking for - even though they won’t tell you… They want a woman who knows her value, knows her worth, and can shine that light from the INSIDE OUT…

Without needing to prove, show or command respect - you now just ARE THAT. You BE that. And they can sense it. From that place you aren’t worried if they act hot / cold, or don’t text back right away


Because you have such an unshakable confidence in WHO YOU ARE & what an incredible catch you are - That you no longer allow the external actions of one guy to dictate how you feel about yourself.


And from that place, the universe responds in your favor ;)




I’m also including these incredible BONUSES:


Bonus 1: My 4 Step Framework to Navigate Conflict in a Healthy Way


This alone is worth its weight in gold. This framework will teach you exactly how to communicate through any conflict with anyone - commanding respect while still coming through with love and warmth so that you can use each conflict as an opportunity to build closeness, rather than push them away.


You will never have to worry about big blow up fights again.


Bonus 2: Setting & Keeping Boundaries


Channeled straight from my intuitive angels - I will be teaching you my “never seen anywhere before” tool of The Magical box of Safety - to help you understand exactly how to navigate setting and keeping healthy needs and boundaries with all people in your life.


From this exercise you will do a full life audit of your relationships with everyone in your life - and begin to set expectations for how you will be treated from this day forward so you can relax and feel safe in your tribe. No exceptions.


Bonus 3: Three Months of FREE COACHING inside of my Private Ladies’ Love Lounge Membership Group


This intimate sisterhood community is your sacred space to feel held, supported and guided by myself and other women who are on the journey alongside you. I show up every day with reflection prompts, inspiration, self care practices AND weekly livestream Q&As and monthly Zoom Coaching Calls. 


This will ensure you have a special safe space on the internet to get all your personal questions answered & feel connected to me real time - soaking up the magic of this sacred container.

Hi, I’m Teal Elisabeth 

A Leading Energetic & Spiritual Love Coach here to

radically change the way you’ve ever thought about
dating, relationships & self love.

I have been guiding 1000’s of women all over the world

In understanding what it really means to 
embody their authentic self & relax into love.

I have a soul mission to bring more love to this planet.

We all know how much it’s needed…

Because I believe that when we feel complete in our relationships, 

Every other area of our life thrives.

Unlike many other coaches and “gurus” out there,

Women consistently tell me that 

“there’s something about my energy that they feel is real, raw & embodied”.

I walk my talk

I live my life by example. 

I’ve been exactly where you are, and I’ve come out the other side

Blissfully happy, married to the love of my life, & now a mother to the most incredible little baby boy.

We’ve traveled the world for 2.5 years

Living life outside the box in over 35 countries & fully on our own terms

I’ve had my dream wedding

We are the true embodiment of everything I want you to have.

And be an example of what’s possible.


  How it Works Once You’re Inside


Upon enrollment, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set up your course access.

You'll access your course content, exclusive Ladies’ Love Lounge Membership Group, and weekly livestream / monthly zoom coaching calls with me.

You will receive instant access to module one of this course, and each additional module will be dripped out after that.

You have unlimited replays, lifetime access, and all future updates to this program.


Why it's priced at $497:

I do this for a reason… It shows me that you're serious about really making a change.

There is a funny psychological shift that happens in our brain when we put money investment into something. We naturally take it more seriously & really commit to what we're learning MORE than if it were just given to us for free.

The truth is, I'm not trying to make a huge profit on this - even though what I'm teaching is PRICELESS information that will help you transform relationships with 
everyone for the rest of your life. 

I'm here to be that loving gentle nudge to move you into the path of your deepest heart's desires.

Would you say that's worth $497? Yes, I think so.

You have SO little to lose and SOOOO much to gain.

Choose Your Adventure:

How would you like to get started?

Full Pay Option:

$497 USD

  • Full Immediate Access to the Online Training Portal Lessons: With over 40 hours of content in Video & Audio Lessons 

  • Over 100 Pages of Supplemental Materials including:
    Worksheets, Reflection Questions, Quizzes, Meditations to help implement everything you're learning real time

  • BONUS! Navigating Conflict with Ease Training

  • BONUS! Setting & Keeping Boundaries Training

  • Bonus! Three Months of FREE COACHING inside the Private Ladies' Love Lounge Membership
  •  Extra BONUS! Love Life Accelerator Roadmap & Guidebook 

  • Extra BONUS! Online Dating Done Right Pro-Guidebook

  • Extra BONUS!  
    Meditations & Affirmations Bundle

  • Extra BONUS! Pre-Date Pep Talks Audio Bundle

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Payment Plan Option:

$75 USD

8 weekly payments

  • Monthly Access to each of the Online Training Portal Lessons: With over 40 hours of content in Video & Audio Lessons (Content will be dripped out over the months as you complete your payment plan)

  • Over 100 Pages of Supplemental Materials including:
    Worksheets, Reflection Questions, Quizzes, Meditations to help implement everything you're learning real time

  • BONUS! Navigating Conflict with Ease Training

  • BONUS! Setting & Keeping Boundaries Training

  • Bonus! Three Months of FREE COACHING inside the Private Ladies' Love Lounge Membership
  •  Extra BONUS! Love Life Accelerator Roadmap & Guidebook 

  • Extra BONUS! Online Dating Done Right Pro-Guidebook

  • Extra BONUS!  
    Meditations & Affirmations Bundle

  • Extra BONUS! Pre-Date Pep Talks Audio Bundle

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Course + Group Coaching

$1000 USD / month

3 payments of $1000

  • Full Access to the Online Training Portal Lessons: With over 40 hours of content in Video & Audio Lessons 

  • PLUS a Special Seat inside the 2 Month Attraction Academy Group Coaching:
    Meet with Teal weekly alongside 3-4 other women on the journey to have a full immersive group coaching experience with Teal directly. You'll receive 8 coaching calls weekly PLUS access to all the content for a more customized tailored experience.
  • Over 100 Pages of Supplemental Materials 

  • BONUS! Navigating Conflict with Ease Training

  • BONUS! Setting & Keeping Boundaries Training

  • Bonus! Three Months of FREE COACHING inside the Private Ladies' Love Lounge Membership
  •  Extra BONUS! Love Life Accelerator Roadmap & Guidebook 

  • Extra BONUS! Online Dating Done Right Pro-Guidebook

  • Extra BONUS!  
    Meditations & Affirmations Bundle

  • Extra BONUS! Pre-Date Pep Talks Audio Bundle

Reserve your Spot with a $500 Deposit Here

Time for some #RealTalk...

I've been where you are right now babe -- 
& I know what it feels like when this one area of life feels like a HUGE VOID.

 Just because you can download some dating apps and continue swiping doesn't mean that prince charming is going to magically appear.

And "figuring it out as you go" is not a successful strategy.
It will only leave you feeling drained, frustrated and more and more apathetic.

My students have had incredible success and radically changed their love lives because they TOOK THAT LEAP OF FAITH and invested in themselves to try something DIFFERENT...

Because they knew they were worth it -
& they were tired of feeling like there was something wrong with them.

There is nothing wrong with you - I promise. It's just that your system is broken.

Your success will come from making a DECISION that you are:

DONE staying stuck in the same old dating patterns.

DONE feeling not good enough

DONE wasting your time on "sub-par" men

And step into learning what it takes to Relax into Love & Embody that
Powerful Feminine Goddess that is within you.

It starts by taking this course and watching what happens as a result.

My students also TRIED to figure it out on their own, but still felt confused & stuck.

They TRIED soaking up free resources, but realized that was still just surface level information. 

They realized that to really make lasting change, you have to do the work, and make a commitment to yourself.


Get Started Now


Q: What makes this course different from other courses on dating & relationships? How can I know it will work for me & my specific situation?


While many courses offer surface-level strategies and quick fixes, our program delves deep into the core of your being, guiding you through a profound journey of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment.

Every individual's journey is unique, shaped by their experiences, challenges, and aspirations - which is why our course is designed as a "backbone structure" to provide a solid roadmap to follow, but with a diverse array of tools, techniques, and insights that can be customized to suit your specific situation and needs -

PLUS personal support inside our coaching community to make sure you have guidance every step of the way. I gotchu boo. 

If other women can make this shift - you can too.


Q: I'm super busy right now. What if I don't have time to take the course now?

A: It is up to you when you start. Once the modules are unlocked, you have the content and any future updates for life. Then, you can take the course completely at your own pace. You can come back to the modules anytime you need.


Q: Are you offering a payment plan?

A: YES! You will find the payment options by clicking the enrollment button at the bottom of this page.


Q: What can I expect from this course?

A: Solutions. Clarity. Inspired content. A reminder that you can do this and do it well... and do it better than anyone expected. A group of incredible other women who are learning right alongside you. Fresh perspective. Progress. Strategies, steps, and processes laid out for you. Practical procedures and spiritual principles explained. Meditations. Affirmations. Movement in the direction of your dreams. And whatever else you decide to receive.


Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Although our policy is no refunds on digital products, I want to ensure that you have a chance to review my teaching style in case you are new here. So, if after reviewing the initial content you feel this is not for you, please email us at [email protected] within 24 hours of your purchase (and having not consumed more than the pre-work) and we will process your refund.


Q: Can you guarantee specific results?

A: I love this program and I deeply believe in the principles in it. However, it only works if you show up and fully do the work 110%. According to my attorney, I need to make sure I always say this to you: DISCLAIMER: I can’t guarantee or warrant results, but I can promise you a new outlook and perspective like you won’t find anywhere else. 


Q: What happens after the 3 free months of coaching inside the Love Lounge?

A: Great question! If after 3 months you want to continue to stay inside the love lounge to continue receiving support, you’re welcome to do so for only $49/ month. This is an exclusive membership community only for ladies going through my courses and graduates who want to continue to stay in the magic & receive support. Upon enrolling you will have the option to add on that membership, and after 3 months just email me at [email protected] whenever you want to leave. You can cancel at anytime. 

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