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When it comes to relationships & your love life -

Have you ever felt like this?

πŸ€” You secretly compare yourself to other women, feeling not good enough, pretty enough, attractive enough... you've done work on yourself, but just can't shake it for good and it frustrates you.

😣 You have thoughts of inadequacy creep in when you start dating someone new... and you feel like you have to regularly give yourself pep talks to stay "high vibe".

πŸ™„ You have challenges communicating with men in a vulnerable way without coming off weak & worry you'll be "too emotional"  

🀯 Your mind is constantly in overdrive second guessing every text message, phone call & interaction with men making you feel like a "crazy girl"

😍 Your worried you might get carried away & "lose yourself' within a relationship... falling into codependent or toxic patterns

🀨 You feel like the 3rd (or 5th) wheel when hanging out with friends & wish you could have other women who get you & are on your level.

πŸ˜• You've heard of feminine energy & want to be more connected to your intuition, but have no idea how to apply it in relationships or where to start.

More importantly, you're tired of feeling stuck with relationships that don't feel fulfilling & 100% what you know you deserve

Here's a BOLD question for you:

What if you could stop wasting time on dates, figuring it out as you go...
hoping that the "next person" would magically be "the one", 

& instead 
receive weekly professional love life guidance 

on EXACTLY how to become the woman high value men want 

AND have an

Empowering Coach & Personalized Road Map 

for how to approach dating, relationships & long lasting love?


Sounds too good to be true? Keep reading and I’ll show you exactly how.


πŸ‘‹ Hi I'm Teal Elisabeth πŸ‘‹

Your New BFF & Professional Love & Relationship Coach πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Lovingly guiding you from 
wherever you're at: 
to where you want to be: 

But let me reassure you...
My own love life journey has not been rainbows and unicorns since the beginning.

Before meeting the man of my dreams (and now current husband of 9+ years!),
I struggled for a LONG TIME with dating and self love.

I always felt like a confident, ambitious woman... but deep down I felt stuck:

- I could check all the boxes in my life (career, health, friends, home) EXCEPT fulfilling love life

- I was trapped in a dating pattern that I now call "the hook & fizzle"

- I would allure men in with the outer confidence of seeming like a badass independent woman...

- But a few weeks or months into dating me, they would fizzle away or BREAK UP WITH ME with no explanation

& I was left wondering ...


Deep down it began to eat away at my self worth

And I began to feel bitter & resentful to all men, the dating process & my GF's who were in happy relationships.


I watched every YouTube video, read every book, and tried every dating app, hoping that the "next guy" would be "the one"... 

but secretly never knowing that there were things I was
that were pushing the men I wanted away.

Then I found a coach who was able to help me... BUT

❌ Just going through her course didn't feel like enough... I wanted HANDS ON SUPPORT with my specific situation...

❌ I hired her for a little while and it was great! But to continue on was too costly so I had to stop... 

❌ I felt so alone... like no one else could understand what I was going through, and I longed for a community of other women that I could learn from & feel like I wasn't CRAZY!

I told myself: 

I know that I deserve to be loved & have a happy relationship...
even if it takes my whole life to figure out, I'm going to achieve it!

After years of soul searching,
trial and error & piecing together bits of information...

πŸ₯³ I finally cracked the code on relationship mastery, & attracted the love of my life! πŸ₯°

Since then, I've been teaching what I've learned -
& it's worked wonders for them too πŸ€©

Ladies - Relationships do not need to be hard... 

The truth is, it's all about energy...
Something I have now coined as: 

"Relationship Energetics"

A few years later,
I'm now married & just had my first baby!

πŸ₯³ And so, the Ladies' Love Lounge was born! 
It has now helped 1000's of women fast track their own personal love lives just like me πŸ₯³

And this time, I finally started to see the results I'd been working for so long:

βœ… I could naturally relax & be myself around men and
know that that was enough
βœ… I felt empowered & confident in how I approached dating, flirting, and even conflict within my relationships 

βœ…  I felt secure in myself & knew that I was worthy of love... something that had been a hidden doubt for a long time before

The best part about it? 

I feel so happy knowing I get to help transform thousands of lives without turning away women who need help because they can't afford it.

PLUS - the women are now supporting each other, and learning from each other... building a beautiful sisterhood and deeply loving space on the internet for consistency and accountability.

So how does it work exactly? Keep reading below β¬

Here's How It Works - Once you Join, You'll Get:

Feel Empowered in your love life by following the PROVEN Step - By Step Road Map to Attracting & Maintaining a Healthy, Long Lasting Relationship with Ease & Joy

 Feel Supported with weekly Q&A livestream coaching support inside the FaceBook Group for any questions that arise AND connect / learn alongside other like minded women just like you. 

Plus, ongoing community support from Teal & other women just like you...

3 Weekly Touch Points

For Consistency, Accountability & Community :)

Get your Questions Answered:

Post Your Question on the Comment threads inside the private FB Group to be answered on the weekly livestreams or throughout the week by Teal inside the group.

Know that no matter what you're feeling, someone else is probably feeling the same way! 
The more you ask for support, the more you benefit yourself & the whole community.

Receive Live Coaching Support:

Join the livestream broadcast every week inside the Love Lounge FB Group to listen real time for Teal's support and interact with her directly OR catch the replay anytime that's convenient for you.

PLUS - jump on monthly for Live Zoom Coaching with Teal to get even more 1:1 mindset support & work through difficult situations.

Celebrate Your Progress:

Celebrate weekly wins & shout outs inside the community to track your progress and celebrate your growth every week! 

This community is focused around empowerment and building self worth & self confidence and that takes practice! Use this community to feel uplifted, supported and never alone again.

In Addition... Gain FULL ACCESS to my life changing content

The Love Life Makeover Course:

Plus, gain access to this vault of
valuable BONUS content each month...

As a founding member, not only do you get access to live weekly & monthly calls, but you will also unlock this valuable bonus content to keep you feeling motivated and inspired every month.

Feminine Magnetism & Embodiment Bundle ($297 value)

Through this bundle, we will dive deep into EMBODYING your innate Feminine Essence from a place of power & strength.

Speak to His Heart Communications Bundle ($297 Value)

Dive right in on what you need most - Learn Healthy Communication Tools & Frameworks to Open His Heart & Deepen His Vulnerability

Slay Your Fears & Love Blocks Bundle ($297 value)

Use these guided meditations & trainings to make the shifts from the INSIDE OUT. 
More often than not, our fears & limiting beliefs keep us stuck in old stories that sabotage our growth & success. Eliminate these before stepping forward in your next relationship.

Beautiful Boundaries Journal

Dive right in on what you need most - Learn Healthy Communication Tools & Frameworks to Set Healthy Boundaries & Stand in Your Worth

Love Life Accelerator Road Map

Don't know where to start? Allow yourself to be gently guided by the best as I walk you through the 9 stages of mindset, awareness, and action steps to accelerate your love life - no matter what stage of the journey you're in.


Love Life Accelerator Guide Book

Follow the Road Map Videos with this deep dive book of reflective journal prompts, applying the principles I teach to make active shifts in your life fast.

Online Dating Done Right Pro - Guidebook

Navigate the world of online dating like a PRO! No more endless swiping! Use these tools and mindset hacks to help you approach the social media dating world with confidence and like the badass you are.

Dream Manifestation Challenge

✨ Tap into the MAGIC of Manifesting Your Dream Man βœ¨

10 Personalized Training Videos & LiveStream Coaching Calls to walk you through the exact steps to Manifest your Dream Man

Pre - Date Pep Talks

Listen these instant confidence and mindset boosters any time before going out on a date to put you in the right mental headspace to radiate your inner confidence!  Think of this as having me right there to support you for any jitters you may be feeling.

Meditation Mastery Bundle

A gentle walk through for beginners & seasoned meditators to help connect you back into the Frequency of Love & Radiance.

8 Empowering Audios & Videos - both guided meditations, and guided affirmations set to music to get you feeling all the good vibes any time you need them.

Monthly Live Training Vault

Never miss a session! Soak up the wisdom of each replay and learn from other women alongside you to maximize your learning journey.




Vision Activation Bundle & Live Workshop

A gentle walk through for beginners & seasoned meditators to help connect you back into the Frequency of Love & Radiance.

8 Empowering Audios & Videos - both guided meditations, and guided affirmations set to music to get you feeling all the good vibes any time you need them.

I am so confident & convinced that the method & tools shared in this community WORK because they helped me & hundreds of other women  change their life & attract the men of our dreams. 


Can this REALLY work? Absolutely.

Listen to just a few highlights from the hundreds of other ambitious women who have transformed their love lives forever...


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JOIN THE MEMBERSHIP NOW - only $49 / Month [Cancel anytime]

Meet Your Coach

Teal Elisabeth, CEO & Founder of Relax Into Love, 
supports ambitious women to gain inner self confidence & relationship mastery with joy & ease.

​She is a Spiritual Love and Relationship Coach trained in the principles of Feminine Energy, NLP, & deep subconscious reprogramming.

Through her teachings, she helps women awaken their highest evolved, powerful selves & create a divine connection within themselves and their partner.

She has been happily co-creating a deeply soul-nourishing loving partnership with her husband for the last 9 years while traveling the world as nomadic entrepreneurs.

The Ladies' Love Lounge is the 
only membership coaching community 
where you receive 
consistent, quality, personal attention from Teal 
AND a soul sisterhood tribe of like-minded women to connect with 

from now until you say "I Do".


I want the same for you...

"Teal! I don't know how you do it - but it seriously
it feels like MAGIC.
Everything you said would happen has come true! 
Tony just told me he loves me and
begged me to be exclusive with him.

He says I'm unlike any woman he's ever met. 
I know that's a direct reflection of our work together

because I've never had anyone ever say that to me before.

I've never felt more sure in who I am, what I deserve, and I am just SO HAPPY! I feel like my perspective on life has completely changed. You are so incredible!

​Working with Teal has been one of the best experiences of my life.

If anyone is considering working with Teal, you
definitely need to do it!  

It's an amazing opportunity to feel supported, guided and cared for while you make big changes in your life. 

Know that you're in for quite a's not particularly easy work.  But it's SO worth it.

I talk to everyone about Teal.

Trust her, she's got your back so that you can have yours :)"

Santa Barbara, California USA

Angela P. Colorado, USA

"Teal helped me through one of the hardest times (if not THE hardest time) of my entire life. She was a sister to me. She was an angel for me at I time that I needed someone to understand me and to support me - and to believe in me. I honestly needed that healing space to be real and to be vulnerable to turn back around and get back up, and she was there for me.  

I truly appreciate everything she gave to me, THANK YOU from my best and highest self. She helped me get back up, and on the road to joy in my life πŸ™‚ and what is more important than that from one human to another in life ?"  

​*         *           *

​Fiona, France

"Thank you so much Teal - I feel so much light and joy since working with you. You have not only helped me clear through one lifetime, but CLEAR THROUGH THREE LIFETIME'S worth of emotional baggage that I'd been holding on to! I am so incredibly grateful to you!!"

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