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Redefining Femininity for the Modern Woman

With the rise of women's empowerment, it's a revolutionary time for us as leading powerhouse women -- BUT... it's coming with consequences for our relationships. Watch below to learn why:

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Meet Teal Elisabeth

Teal Elisabeth, CEO & Founder of Relax Into Love Coaching, supports powerhouse CEO's and 6- Figure Entrepreneurial Women to become MASTERS of their love life & manifest their most desired relationship with joy and ease.

She is a Spiritual Love and Relationship Coach trained in the principles of Feminine Energy, NLP, & deep subconscious reprogramming.

Through her teachings, she helps conscious, evolved powerful women awaken to elevated partnership and divine connection within themselves and their partner.

She has been happily co-creating a deeply soul-nourishing spiritual partnership with her fiance for the last 7 years while traveling the world as nomadic entrepreneurs.

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What others are saying:

Clare, Colorado USA


"Before working with Teal, I was constantly in my head! I was trying to strategize, and play this game of chess with myself about how to make the relationship work. 

I kept worrying how is this all going to play out and it was exhausting. I felt like I was on an emotional relationship treadmill of death... 

The biggest thing I realized is that you really don't have to "go get the love". You can lean back and watch the ring naturally follow if you apply the tools and strategies that Teal is able to give you". 

Elena, New Zealand

"Since working with Teal I feel like an entirely different person. I had been single for years, and within a few weeks of working with Teal, I attracted an incredible man!

I've become a lot softer, and learned a lot of skills in how to sort out communication issues that I had struggled with in past relationships.

He can now really hear me and understand me - And that was really ground-breaking, and liberating! 

‚ÄčIf you're considering working with Teal - you have to do it... You simply must. It will change your life."

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Alicia, Brooklyn NY USA

Working with Teal BLEW MY MIND.

I really started peeling back the layers of my own self & I have gained such a deeper understanding of who I am as a person in this world and in relationships with men.

That is such a difficult gift to give someone, but I have absolutely received that from her... Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! 

Teal doesn't just tell you what to do - she's speaking from experience where she's used these things in her own life and is a perfect example of when putting all of these incredible tools, mindset shifts, and insights into place you can absolutely attract the one - because that's what she's been able to do, and it's inspiring."

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The Modern Goddess eBook

The modern world of dating and relationships has gotten messy - and it has women questioning... "What does it even mean to be a woman?" In this powerful eBook, Teal shares why we are in a pivotal time to REDEFINE femininity for the modern age - and recalibrate relationships with our men.

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