What is the first thing that comes to mind
when you think of the word

  • Dirty?
  • Taboo?
  • Shameful?
  • Liberating?
  • Pleasureful?
  • Uncomfortable?
  • Secretive?
  • Desireable?
  • Awkward?
  • Yummy?

What if you saw your Sexuality as Sacred?


Unlocking & Embracing our Unique Sexual Expression is the Deepest
Source of our Power as Women 

 And yet for so many women, it has become
the most repressed part of our identity.

It's time to take your power BACK & awaken the Sensual Priestess Energy
that has been deeply yearning to be expressed



Take a moment to let these words sink in.
Sacred Sexuality.

Priestess Energy.

What comes up for you when you feel into these words?

We chose this name for the program with intention.

Sacred Sexuality: Awaken the Pleasure Priestess embodies the energy, the essence of a woman who is Unlocking & Embracing their Unique Sexual Expression + Power

🔥 The woman who is ready to RELEASE shame, guilt, judgment or fear around expressing herself sexually so she feel empowered with her partner - both IN & OUTSIDE the bedroom.

🔥 The version of her that EMBODIES her authentic self & CLAIMS her identity as a sexually liberated woman.

🔥 The version of her who LETS GO of being awkward or uncomfortable in her body so that she can fully be seen in her radiance (goofiness and all!)

Inside of this intimate 2 month group coaching program,

We’re here to EXPAND your Radiant Heart &
Activate your Wild, Primal Energy
to cultivate more Intimate Connection -
both within yourself & with a partner

We’ll be building a foundation for your creative self expression...so that you can LIVE an orgasmic life that turns you on ❤️‍🔥

- Maybe you crave to feel connected intimately with yourself and your partner...
- Maybe you’ve binged all the surface level freebies and are desiring depth and lasting transformation...
- Maybe you've been on your healing journey for a while and you're craving a reset, a time to renew your soul within sacred sisterhood.
- Or maybe you're just starting your journey of sensual healing and you're desiring guidance and accountability.

Sacred Sexuality ~ Awaken the Pleasure Priestess is not another online program.

This is a space where we will initiate you into your most liberated self.

We know you’ve craving that kind of support.

⚠️ Warning: this will be life changing.

Think of this as a detox from all the conditioning you’ve been told about:
😝 Who you think you have to be as a woman to be accepted or validated
😝 What your relationship has to look like to be "enough" or
😝 How your sexuality should be expressed to "please others"

Calling you back home to unleash the wild woman and re-identify with YOUR definition of pleasure.

If you feel a sacred yes, this is your invitation to explore this further with us.

If you feel called, we invite you to book a connection call to ask any questions and feel into if this program is for you.

This is for you if you're feeling ready to...

  • LET GO of feeling awkward or uncomfortable in your body 
  • RELEASE shame, guilt, judgment or fear around expressing yourself sexually
  • EXPLODE your creative BOLD self expression 
  • ENHANCE your magnetism + feminine radiance
  • EMBODY your authentic self in the bedroom + in life
  • EXPAND your Heart Energy to Allow more Intimate Connection
  • MAGNETIZE the partner / man of your dreams 
  • CULTIVATE deeper self worth and confidence in & out of the bedroom
  • LIVE an orgasmic life that turns you on 
  • WAKE UP ready to be cracked open by life & pleasure like never before

    This is your invitation...


Yes, I'm Ready!

Through this potent, highly transformative Sacred Sisterhood,
you'll learn how to:

  •  EMBODY your unique version of liberated sexuality (aka the Pleasure Priestess or Wild Woman)
  •  ACTIVATE your sexual liberation & creative self expression
  •  OOZE pleasure & love into every corner of your life
  •  HONOR your body with a deeper profound level of self love & acceptance
  •  FEEL FULFILLED sexually, connecting deeper to self and your partner more then ever before
  •  HAVE the best sex of your life, with yourself and a partner
  • EXPERIENCE deep, earth shattering, profound orgasms
  • MANIFEST your dream life through pleasure, energy, intention and Sex Magick

Sacred Sexuality is created for the woman who is ready to:

  •  Explore and expand her capacity to receive love & abundance beyond their wildest dreams
  •  Put herself, her pleasure, her vision, and sacred womb space first
  •  Feel soul connection and intimacy with herself and her partner 
  •  Release passed pain, activate emotional intelligence & merge with higher self 
  •  Expand orgasmic potential beyond the same old way(s) of “getting off,” and wants to deepen into presence & sensation
  •  Explore accelerated manifestation through sex magic practices 
  •  Deepen into sensual exploration in the safety of sacred sisterhood 
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What's inside the Sacred Sexuality Program?

Step by Step Online Learning Portal

A collection of in depth lessons, embodiment practices, guided self pleasure practice, to help you unleash your divine and sacred sexuality with self and with a partner. 

You'll gain access to the full Sacred Sexuality Course materials packed with 
28 personalized audio & video lessons, worksheets, guided meditations, & reflection prompts, we make sure you are fully guided through every tough challenge that your relationship may throw your way.


Lesson 1: Embracing Feminine EmBODYment

Lesson 2: The Energetics of Sex

Lesson 3: Awakening Your Heart & Holding Emotions

Lesson 4: Transmuting Pain & Past Conditioning 

Lesson 5: Activating your Wild Woman & Priestess Codes in the Bedroom

Lesson 6: Orgasmic Manifesting & Sex Magic

Let's Get Started!

Full Pay

1 Payment of $555 USD


  • Full Access to the Entire Sacred Sexuality online coursework
  • Supportive community inside a private facebook group with other Sacred Sisters
  • Optional Add On Support in from Melissa OR Teal for additional coaching & guidance - Upon Request
Initiate Me!

Payment Plan

3 Bi - Weekly Payments of $200 USD


  • Full Access to the Entire Sacred Sexuality online coursework
  • Supportive community inside a private facebook group with other Sacred Sisters
  • Optional Add On Support in from Melissa OR Teal for additional coaching & guidance - Upon Request
Initiate Me!

Not quite ready to dive into the Coaching but want access to the materials? No Problem!

We want you to feel this is an easy decision - and are happy to meet you at wherever youre at.

We would love to have you go through our course materials on your own pace - still getting tons of value.

Click below to purchase the course materials as a home study course for only $555 USD.

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