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Maddison Martin

April Ratchford, North Carolina


"I had no idea what to expect when I started this program, and had a goal that I'd love to start dating again by the end of it, since I hadn't been asked out in years. But then that happened so early on in the process by SO many men that I thought, "wow, I guess I have to set bigger goals!' But this work became so much more than just dating... 

I really started peeling back the layers of my own self & I have gained such a deeper understanding of who I am as a person in this world. And that is such a difficult gift to give someone, but I have absolutely received that from you, so Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! 

Teal doesn't just tell you what to do - she's speaking from experience where she's used these things in her own life and is a perfect example of how when you put all of these incredible tools, mindset shifts, and insights into place you can absolutely attract the one - because that's what she's been able to do, and it's inspiring."

Naomi, United Kingdom

Coming from a very difficult past, held back by layers and layers of fear, insecurities, and low confidence, this beautiful soul is now SOARING - AND has just accepted a life long dream position of teaching English in China!

"I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first because you mentioned in our first call that you could help me get past my BIGGEST FEARS, no problem... And I was thinking yeah right, these fears have held me back my ENTIRE LIFE!


But then you DID in like just a few sessions and they're really gone! I was just reflecting again today at how much I've changed in the short time we've worked together... and was literally crying. You will always be so special to me. Thank you!!!"

Teal I appreciate you so much.

You push without judgement,
you’re direct with clarity,
you trust my awareness will come at the right time,
you call me forward,
you expect good,
you know how to teach others to think for themselves with confidence,
you know how to match the pace of where I am so that I don’t feel so alone.
You are truly a coach in every sense of the word.
And your self respect, self worth, grace, grounding and vulnerability reflect exactly what I want to and HAVE become!

This is even what Charles noticed… that I am shifting and becoming different at a CORE level… one day at a time. I can’t thank you enough.

Melody Pollard, Michigan USA

Teal! I don't know how you do it - but it seriously feels like MAGIC.

Everything you said would happen has come true! Tony just told me he loves me and begged me to be exclusive with him.

He says I'm unlike any woman he's ever met. I know that's a direct reflection of our work together - I've never had anyone ever say that to me before.

I've never felt more sure in who I am, what I deserve, and I am just SO HAPPY! I feel like my perspective on life has completely changed. You are so incredible!

Working with you has been one of the best experiences of my life.

If anyone is considering working with Teal, you definitely need to do it!  

It's an amazing opportunity to feel supported, guided and cared for while you make big changes in your life.  Know that you're in for quite a ride...it's not particularly easy work.  But it's SO worth it. 

I talk to everyone about Teal. Trust her, she's got your back so that you can have yours :)

Annette, California USA


Reconnected with Self- Worth & Self - Love

"I trust Teal so much - I think the most beautiful part about it is that while Teal is a love and relationship coach, the biggest relationship she's changed for me is my relationship with my self... and she will always be so special to me because of that reason.

Teal has a soft empathetic approach, but also doesn't let you B.S. yourself and makes sure that you're realistic about how you are really showing up... and that's really special, not everyone is able to do that in such a beautiful way.

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Elena, New Zealand

After being single for years, she attracted a new man within the program, and then let him go because she knew she deserved even better!

"Before working with Teal, I was a little skeptical (and completely in my masculine) had this belief that I was too old and would never find someone. But since working with Teal I've released that belief and attracted so many amazing men and I feel like an entirely different person now.

 I've become a lot softer, and it gave me a lot of skills in how to sort out communication issues with my new man. He can now really hear me and understand me - And that was really ground-breaking, and liberating! If you're considering doing this program [The Attraction Academy] - you have to do it... You simply must. It will change your life."

Cleared through lifetimes worth of emotional baggage

"Thank you so much Teal - I feel so much light and joy since working with you. You have not only helped me clear through one lifetime, but CLEAR THROUGH THREE LIFETIME'S worth of emotional baggage that I'd been holding on to! I am so incredibly grateful to you!!"

- Fiona, France

Finally able to let go and move into the next phase of her life 

"Teal helped me through one of the hardest times (if not THE hardest time) of my entire life. She was a sister to me. She was an angel for me at I time that I needed someone to understand me and to support me - and to believe in me. I honestly needed that healing space to be real and to be vulnerable to turn back around and get back up, and she was there for me.  

I truly appreciate everything she gave to me, THANK YOU from my best and highest self. She helped me get back up, and on the road to joy in my life 🙂 and what is more important than that from one human to another in life ?" 

- Angela, Nevada USA

Cynthia, Oregon USA

She's restored her sense of true self confidence and transformed her relationships with everyone in her life - along with a new man!

"Before working with Teal, I felt completely damaged. I had just gotten out of a painful divorce and had no sense of self or what I deserved. 

I now feel so full, whole and light & have a completely renewed sense of self, on top of an improved relationship with my kids, my ex- husband AND the new man in my life. I talk about Teal to everyone -

Working with her has been one of the best experiences of my life."

Asha, North Carolina USA

"This program allowed me to learn how to honor my feelings and be vulnerable...I now feel like I can truly deeply LOVE MYSELF. I know I can't attract deep love from others unless I am able to truly love myself.

I felt Teal's genuine authenticity and desire to deeply love anyone who reaches out to her.

What she's doing is REAL - and it's so empowering. Teal has something about her that allows you to really feel safe to be yourself and figure it out. I appreciate her SO MUCH.

What I love about her company is that it's NOT gimicky... not "trying to get a man in 90 days" ... but that it really comes from the heart.

For any one considering working with Teal - I would say DO IT!"


I just feel so eternally grateful for you Teal.  I truly feel like I have transformed from the inside out.  It makes me so thankful because I just feel so different, and so grounded, and I just know in my heart and my soul that there is no backtracking. Because the knowledge I have now can't be taken away from me, and the past traumas and experiences I went through can no longer haunt me.

It's so amazing how differently I see the world now - and I see other people who are stuck and I just want to shake them and remind them "YOU ARE ENOUGH!" I wish you had a way to connect with EVERY PERSON out there because they need you so much! 

- Jessica, Pennsylvania USA

Emily, Ohio USA

Tapping Back into Her MAGIC AND POWER

"I've done other coaching programs before, but none of them have ever given me that true feeling of having MADE it, and accomplished everything I set out to accomplish like I have working with Teal.

I truly can say that I have reconnected with myself, my "witchy energy of magic" and I am able to manifest anything that I want for my life. It has been one of the best investments I've ever made in my life. She is incredible"


Clare, Colorado USA

Now Married!

"Before working with Teal, I was constantly in my head! I was trying to strategize, and play this game of chess with myself about how to make the relationship work. I kept worrying how is this all going to play out and it was exhausting. I felt like I was on an emotional relationship treadmill of death... 

Teal gave me an opportunity to voice what was going on in my head and hold space in such a loving way for me to champion for my value and be ok no matter what happened. 

The biggest thing I realized is that you really "don't have to go get the love. You can lean back and watch the ring naturally follow if you apply the tools and strategies that Teal is able to give you". 

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