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Tired of chasing customers that just won't commit?

Have you ever noticed how some sales reps just seem to "get it" when it comes to getting customers to say yes to them?
They may not be the most veteran master sales rep in the industry. They may not be particularly charismatic. They may not even be the smartest, most knowledgeable person in the industry. Or the most good looking or funny. Certainly, they don’t have as much “going for them” as you do!
But somehow they just know how to connect with customers in a way that seems almost effortless. They never wait around for customers to make up their minds. They walk into the home, knowing that what they have is so incredible, this customer would be silly not to sign with them. They've got way more important things to do with their time than to chase customers who are on the fence, and customers can sense this... and end up asking THEM for the pen and where to sign!
This solar sales rep has such an unstoppable confidence in what he does, who he is, and how he's helping customers (and the planet) that he doesn't have to manipulate or “pretend” to be something other than his genuine self. He doesn't have to use shady sales tactics. He connects with his homeowners in a way that makes them able to relax in his presence. 
They're able to take down their walls of defensiveness from being "sold by the sleezy solar rep" and see this person before them as a real person, trying to help them.
Somehow, he never seems to have to TRY TOO HARD.
Once this sales rep goes in the home, there's no callbacks, there's no "let me think about it and get back to you", there's no explaining to your boss why you've got a ton of "potential yeses" but no real results to show for it.
What is it that these reps do that makes them so irresistible to customers and gets the yes effortlessly?
I'll let you in on a little secret... These reps have mastered the art of emotional intelligence and have learned the principles of sales psychology that helps them to understand the deeper emotions that are holding homeowners back from getting the sale.
They know that not every homeowner can be sold the same way, and they adjust their technique based on who their in front of.
And most importantly, they build such a deep level of trust, that these homeowners can't help but feel safe to share their true concerns... and reveal any fears they have right to you so you can eliminate them and help them get to the yes!!
If you aren't seeing the kind of results you've been wanting - whether you're new to the industry or have been in it for a while, then there's something that you're doing... or not doing... that is not getting to the true source of the customer's needs.
Take my hand, and learn the step-by-step approach to how to... 



This course is for you if...

  • You're trying to break into the solar industry and learn the fundamentals
  •  You work for solar company but lack formalized training
  •  You're a seasoned rep but want to take your skills to the next level
  •  You own a solar business and want to increase sales from your team

Apply these techniques see results fast!

Through this course, you will learn how to:

  • Build rapport and trust with homeowners of all types
  •  Confidently explain the fundamentals of solar
  •  Learn the psychology of why homeowners go solar and how to make them say yes on the spot
  •  Conduct the perfect welcome call to be set up for success in the home
  •  Know the 8 most common types of solar customers you encounter and how to talk in a way they will listen
  •  How to handle objections over the phone and in person
  •  How to pull yourself out of a sales "slump" and get back on track
  •  Improve your sales conversions drastically
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"My previous place of employment didn't have anything close to this type of hands on training. I felt this training has alleviated the fear of being a sales person and dealing with rejection. I learned way more than I expected. Great information.
Thank you Teal!"


Jeff K.
Solar Sales Representative, Brentwood CA

Master the Psychology of Closing on the Spot


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