Freebies & Bundles

Meditations & Affirmations

A gentle walk through for beginners & seasoned meditators to help connect you back into the Frequency of Love & Radiance.

8 Empowering Audios & Videos - both guided meditations, and guided affirmations set to music to get you feeling all the good vibes any time you need them.

Learn the fundamentals of Meditation & Connect into the Frequency of Love


Pre - Date Pep Talks

Listen these instant confidence and mindset boosters any time before going out on a date to put you in the right mental headspace to radiate your inner confidence!

Polled from my audience, I've created Pep Talks for the 6 most common felt emotions women feel before going out on a date 

Think of this as having me right there to support you for any jitters you may be feeling.


DREAM MANifestation 
Challenge - FREEBIE

✨ Tap into the MAGIC of Manifesting Your Dream Man ✨
10 Personalized Training Videos & LiveStream Coaching Calls to walk you through the exact steps to Manifest your Dream Man
Lesson Topics Include:
  • Connecting to the Frequency of Love
  • Identifying Love Blocks Keeping you Stuck
  • Putting Men on a Pedestal
  • Feeling Unworthy of the Love you Desire - or Setting Low Expectations
  • The Biggest SECRET to attracting the type of relationship you desire
  • And so much more

PLUS BONUS ACCESS to a Sneak Peak inside the Relationship Energetics Home Study Course



Vision Activation Bundle

For those of you who have been feeling the desire to more clearly articulate, claim and EMBODY the beliefs behind your deepest desires and visions for next year, THIS IS FOR YOU.

In this pre- recorded workshop & training videos, you will be guided personally by Teal to:

  • Get CLARITY on your desires (usually the hardest part!) & creating a tangible powerful vision statement
  • Clear through FEARS & BLOCKS that may be sabotaging you from being in the receptive mode
  • Plant the Seeds of Manifestation to feel confident that your desires are planted & on their way to manifest!
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Feminine Magnetism & Embodiment Bundle

Through this bundle, we will dive deep into EMBODYING your innate Feminine Essence from a place of power & strength.

You will learn:

How to balance both the masculine & feminine energies within you

- How to become enchantingly magnetic to high quality men

- How to radiate your power & inner confidence without putting up walls around your heart

- The Art of Seduction & Playfulness to Deepen Intimacy & Connection

+ More


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Speak to His Heart Communication Bundle

Dive right in on what you need most - Learn Healthy Communication Tools & Frameworks to Open His Heart & Deepen His Vulnerability

Lesson Topics Include:

- How to Manage Your Emotions in a Healthy Way

- How to Communicate from Strong Vulernability

- How to Navigate Conflict with Ease

- How to Make a Man feel Safe (internally & externally)


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Slay Your Fears &
Love Blocks Bundle

We don't make true shifts externally, until we make the decision to make shifts INTERNALLY

More often than not, our subconscious fears & limiting beliefs keep us stuck in old stories that sabotage our growth & success.

In this bundle, Teal will walk you through exactly how to:

- Uncover limiting beliefs, fears & traumas hiding in your subconcious

- Take you through a Deep Hypnotic Guided Meditation to release these fears FOR GOOD

- Support you in reprogramming your mindset to choose NEW BELIEFS that support your truth & help you align back to your highest self.

- BONUS: Live coaching calls from past clients so you can experience this method real time & get valuable support for the most common addressed fears around love.


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Love Life Makeover -

This VAULT of information will help you learn ALL the RELATIONSHIP FUNDAMENTALS from the combined bundles PLUS more...

Lessons Include :
- Vision Activation Bundle
- Speak to His Heart Communication Bundle

- Feminine Magnetism & Embodiment Bundle
- Fear Slaying Bundle
- PLUS Bonus Live Recorded Coaching Calls
+ One Free Month of Q&A Support inside the Ladies' Love Lounge Membership

.... in this all in one powerful course that will transform your relationships from the INSIDE OUT.

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Sacred Sexuality 

 Awaken the Pleasure Priestess within Yourself through this deeply powerful journey into the body.
- Fall in love with your body, no matter what size or shape,
- Learn how to deepen intimacy with your partner, &
- Uncover the secrets to Orgasmic Manifesting!

Application only - Click "Learn More" to book a call and see if you're a good fit.

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The Ladies Love Lounge - Ongoing Graduate Support

For all of my beautiful clients who want to continue to receive ongoing support as they venture back out into the dating / relationship space with Teal by their side.

Gain weekly access to ask questions, celebrate wins, and continue to deepen into everything you've learned from our time working together.

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The Modern Goddess eBook

The modern world of dating and relationships has gotten messy - and it has women questioning... "What does it even mean to be a woman?"

In this powerful eBook, Teal shares why we are in a pivotal time to REDEFINE femininity for the modern age - and recalibrate relationships with our men.

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Client Coaching Offers

- Group Coaching -
The Attraction Academy

A luxurious 3 month intimate group coaching program women ready to step into their divine feminine energy & receive unconditional love from a masculine man who is her MATCH. 

Go through the Relax into Love Course Materials alongside a hand selected group of other women & receive personal coaching support from Teal every step of the way.

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- VIP 1:1 Coaching -

For those looking for customized, individual support, Teal will select a few lucky women a month to receive full access to her over a 6 month container to dive deep in to radical transformation and soul rebirth.


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