Introductory Offers & Interactive Workshops:

The Modern Goddess eBook $15 USD

The modern world of dating and relationships has gotten messy - and it has women questioning... "What does it even mean to be a woman?"

In this powerful eBook, Teal shares why we are in a pivotal time to REDEFINE femininity for the modern age - and recalibrate relationships with our men.

Don't keep making the same mistakes that are leaving you in a holding pattern. 

Uncover how you can 'have it all" and embrace the Modern Goddess within you.

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The Love Life Accelerator Roadmap & Guidebook
($33 USD)

What if I told you that I had created a customized Love Life Road Map that would radically help you shift your beliefs, mindset and skillset around and learn how to Relax into Love and accelerate your way to happily ever after?

Luckily for you, I've done JUST THAT - & I'm calling it the "Love Life Accelerator Roadmap & Guidebook

Gain Access To:

‚úÖ Over 30 hours of skillset trainings, mindset meditations, & law of attraction principles to radically shift the way you see dating, relationships & love

‚úÖ Follow along with The Love Life Accelerator Guide Book - 50 pages of customized reflection prompts
to bring you clarity & breakthroughs

Valued at over $300 of content - On sale this month for just $33

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Irresistibly Magnetic Feminine Energy Training - $33

How Ambitious Women Attract *High Quality Men*& Inspire Lasting Commitment

This Training Reveals:

  • #1¬†MISTAKE HIGH ACHIEVING WOMEN MAKE¬†that subconsciously pushes GOOD MEN away¬†(p.s. it's not what you think!)

  • The 3 Pillars & Proven Strategy¬†to stop the over thinking, second guessing & mental chatter turning you into that¬†"crazy girl"

  • THE SECRET SAUCE¬†that all high value women share that high quality men CRAVE - that will¬†make you stand apart from every other¬†woman¬†he's dated

BONUS! FREE Copy of: 
The Better Boundaries Journal - How to Feel Empowered
within All Relationships


"Love is Who I am" Interactive Self Love Workshop
$77 USD

During this recorded live session, you will be guided through a series of activities to:

1) Define your ideals: get super specific on who you WANT to be and clearly define the core values behind your best self

2) Discard your distractions: acknowledge and own the toxic traits / fears / limiting beliefs preventing you from being your best self with an invitation to burn them and leave them behind

3) Drive your destiny: commit to the actions and behaviors you can control on the path to unlocking your best self

And you’ll leave with:

1) Inspiration and confidence in having a clear path in how to become this woman

2) A clear framework for understanding what has been subconsciously & energetically blocking you from manifesting what you want

3) A simple, prioritized list of inspired actions on how to step into your radiance & create more MAGIC in your life.

From this place, you will be able to feel more grounded, connected and radiant from the inside out.

**Side Note** This love frequency energy is MAGNETIC to new opportunities, miracles and men ;)


Pre - Date Pep Talks
$22 USD

Listen these instant confidence and mindset boosters any time before going out on a date to put you in the right mental headspace to radiate your inner confidence!

Polled from my audience, I've created Pep Talks for the 6 most common felt emotions women feel before going out on a date 

Think of this as having me right there to support you for any jitters you may be feeling.


Speak to His Heart Interactive 
Heart Based Communication Workshop
$77 USD

If you haven't fully experienced that deep, soul nourishing connection with your man, where you can sit and talk for hours about whatever is on your heart - without it ending in awkwardness or a fight

Or you feel like you've lost some of this magic from before

Or you want to master this skill before diving into a new relationship, this workshop will be perfect for you.

When we are able to show men that it's SAFE to express our feelings, needs & desires (not gonna blow up, get defensive, or be bitchy)

It shows men that it is safe for them to do the same.

It is one of our greatest strengths to be able to open a man's heart to love and depth.

Inside this 60 minute workshop, you'll receive:

  • Specific frameworks, scripts & teaching principles on how to manage your emotions and navigate conflict

  • Real time support from me to help navigate any sticky situations

  • A deep understanding of how to inspire a man to open up his heart to you so you can create more emotional depth & connection

Perfect for women single or in a relationship.

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Transformational Home Study Courses:

Sacred Union

Awaken your Feminine Essence & Ignite Intimate Relationships

This is not your basic "dating / relationship course". Through this program, you will deepen your understanding of the sacred dance of relationship energetics & awaken your feminine essence to powerfully transform your relationships with everyone in your life.

Sacred Union offers a tried and true, step by step path to delve into the depths of your heart and soul, releasing barriers to love and embracing the beauty of vulnerability.

Whether you're single, in a partnership, or seeking deeper connection with yourself, 'Sacred Union' provides the tools, insights, and support you need to cultivate fulfilling relationships and experience the magic of divine union.

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Soul Rebirth 

A Transformational Journey into Self Love Embodiment 

Dive deep into the depths of your soul as you uncover hidden truths, release limiting beliefs, and awaken the radiant essence of your being.

Through a blend of soulful practices, healing modalities, and guided meditations, you'll embark on a journey of inner transformation and rebirth.

Whether you're seeking to cultivate deeper self-love, unleash your inner radiance, or reclaim your power, 'Soul Rebirth' provides the tools, guidance, and support you need to step into your authenticity and live a life of joy, purpose, and fulfillment.

Join us on this soulful journey of awakening and transformation. Embrace the love within and let your soul be reborn.

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Sacred Sexuality 

Unlocking Divine Pleasure
& Connection

Embark on a transformative journey into the depths of intimacy with our 'Sacred Sexuality' course. Dive deep into the realms of pleasure, connection, and spiritual awakening as you rediscover the sacred essence of sexuality.

In this immersive experience, you'll explore ancient wisdom and modern practices to unlock the divine potential within intimate connections.

Learn to honor your body, mind, and spirit as you embrace the sacredness of every touch, every sensation.

Whether you're seeking to reignite passion, heal past wounds, or simply deepen your connection to the sacred within, 'Sacred Sexuality' invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, pleasure, and divine union.

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Client Coaching Offers

- VIP 1:1 Coaching / Intimate Group Coaching -


If you are looking for individual support with Teal, this is for you!

Through her highly personalized REBIRTH VIP 1:1 Coaching, you will have the opportunity to dive deep into radical personal transformation beginning from the INSIDE OUT.

Topics can include:
‚ú®Reprogramming the subconscious mind
✨Rebuilding our relationship with our inner self, inner child & intuition
‚ú®Eliminating deeply held fears, anxieties and narratives that are holding you back
‚ú® Stepping into your power, inner worth, confidence & divine feminine essence
‚ú®Uncovering your areas of personal growth in all aspects of life (career, family, friendships, & health etc) & strengthening them
✨Building harmonious relationships with ALL people in your life. 

+ Plus anything else that you're interested in exploring deeper

This does require a meet and greet connection call to ensure it is a great fit for both people.

Book your Free 30 Minute Call to Meet Teal Here:

I look forward to meeting you!

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- Group Coaching -
Sacred Union

Closed for Enrollment -
Join the Summer 2024 Waitlist 

An intimate & luxurious 2 intimate group coaching program for women ready to step into their divine feminine energy & receive unconditional love from a masculine man who is her MATCH. 

Join a hand- selected group of 5 women & experience the magic of Teal's personalized support as you deepen into transforming your self love, confidence and feminine energy while going on your own personal Love Life Makeover Transformation. 

Topics can include:
‚ú®Deepening into your divine feminine embodiment

‚ú®Identifying blocks & deep fears self sabotaging your chances for lasting connection

‚ú®Managing emotions in a healthy way

‚ú®Navigating Conflict & Setting Boundaries

‚ú®+ SO much more...

This requires a meet and greet connection call to ensure it is a great fit for both people.

Book your Free 30 Minute Call to Meet Teal

{SPRING COHORT FULL} Message Teal to reserve your spot for Summer 2024.

[email protected]

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The Ladies Love Lounge

  Your Sisterhood Community for Ongoing Coaching & Support
($49 USD / Month

An ALL- INCLUSIVE Coaching Membership with access to:

✅  My entire Love Life Makeover Course Materials (Over $600 value)
✅ Worksheets & tools & guided meditations & monthly training vault
✅ Weekly Livestream Q&A calls for individual, customized support
✅ Live Zoom Coaching calls with me every month for extra room to deep dive on mindset, & personal scenarios
✅ An ever-growing resource library with scripts, monthly trainings, and journals
✅ Access to the inner circle Love Lounge Facebook group for accountability, connection, and support so that you're never feel alone in this journey
✅ Weekly Wins & Celebrations to Support your Growth

And so much more. 

Available to Graduates Only