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  • “That was some witchy shit you just did with me”
    My client shared yesterday.

    Another client told me that I was her Shaman

    When I ask women on intake calls “why do you think I’d be a good coach for you?” there is a common theme that comes through with every single one of them…

    And this is what I hear:

    “Honestly Teal, I can’t explain it in words, its just your ENERGY… There’s something about your energy and this intuitive knowing that I need to work with you”.


This is the biggest gift that I could ever receive. Hearing those words.


When you stand in your POWER…
When you stand in your WORTH…
When you stand in your KNOWING

That what you are, and who you are is not just enough… but that it is EXTRAORDINARY….

That’s when you are truly embodied in your GODDESSENCE.

My journey of self development and self growth will always be ongoing,

But I’m finally awakening to a truth that I’d been afraid to admit…

I am NOT your ordinary love or relationship coach…

I have intuitive gifts, psychic abilities, and deeply empathic super powers.

I have the ability to see (within a short moment) EXACTLY what may be energetically blocking you

AND the tools to help you move through it so that those decade long fears

Can be erased for good.

So that you can OWN your POWER, WORTH & RADIANCE that lives within your soul

So that you can FINALLY STEP FORWARD into CLAIMING all that you desire

So that you can effortlessly attract ALL THE MAGIC into your life...

Starting with SOUL NOURISHING LOVE for your self and from a partner <3

That is my superpower.

That is my gift to the world.

And I don’t want to hide it any more.

So call me a witch… call me a shaman… call me an angel… call me whatever feels right

I’m no longer here to play in #basicbitch energy, “competing” with other dating coaches…



There is no competition.

And what I offer is TRULY LIFE CHANGING.

If you’re ready to stop playing small in relationships…

If you’re ready to start harnessing that inner POWER, WORTH & KNOWING within YOU

If you’re ready to tap into your own inner divine GODDESSENCE

DM me to connect further.

& let’s play in the magic of potentiality 🔥✨♥️

I’m ready for you -
The real question is….
Are you ready for me?

Learn more about my story below:

My Story

Personal development and soul evolution have been a passion of study for me since I was a little girl, and have fuelled my life's experiences:

  • Since pre-school, I studied for 12 years under world teacher & Indian philosopher Krishnamurti, which instilled in me a deep sense of self-awareness and tools for reflecting upon each of life's experiences

  • After college, I trained under Buddhist monks in Thailand which helped me gain a deep understanding of the mind, ego, heart and attachment. Through an immersive 5 - Day Silent Meditation I witnessed my first out of body experience and deep connection to self, giving me the deep understanding to help my clients go deep within their own selves.

  • Upon returning home, I became a trained Relationship Coach - specializing in the art of embodying feminine energy and clearing through deep subconcious fears & limiting beliefs. This fueled my own growth and helped me attract the love of my life and now fiance.

  • Before establishing Relax into Love, I worked on the UBER People Development team alongside Arianna Huffington to build training programs for over 30,000 people around the world in how to master the principles of work - life balance and reducing burnout. This gave me a strong professional background in building transformational training programs that WORK.​

With all of this experience, I felt a huge calling and responsibility to step forth as a strong, feminine leader and role model for modern day women to know that they can have it all too.


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