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Stop Settling for Mediocre Relationships with Men

Jun 22, 2022
Have you ever felt that you loved someone so much that even no matter what terrible things they did, you couldn't face the thought of walking away?

It takes a lot of guts and a lot of courage, especially when everything in your heart is saying: "but I love him. I don't want to leave. I don't want to sacrifice this. I don't want to start over!"

That even when you wished for things to be different, you still found yourself putting up with the same toxic, or ridiculous behavior that have your friends thinking: "why haven't you dumped his ass already?"

Maybe it's hot and cold, intermittent attention, not FULLY prioritizing you in his life

- Maybe it's treating you super sweetly one minute then teasing you or putting you off the next
- Maybe he's withholding affection, or seems emotionally distant... making you start to get anxious that he's not really as into you as you are to him...

Even though this behavior is obviously NOT OK, our hearts still want to hold on... Our minds search for all the good moments that make us think:

"Maybe this is just a phase, let's just let this be okay for a little while... maybe things will change"...

But here's where I have to come in as the expert and authority here babe and say this: either 2 things are happening, and only 1 of them you're able to control:

1. EITHER: He really is
stuck in a pattern of bad behavior that he can't change (narcissist, or has his own wounding that needs to be healed)

2. OR: He is not fully respecting you and valuing you as the HIGH VALUE QUEEN that you are deep down. He thinks (and believes) that he can get away with this behavior because you've been allowing it.

It's time to speak up and share what's bothering you so things can shift.

What happens
when we "just let things be okay with what they are" when  secretly we're not happy or satisfied from the relationship?

We end up letting that be the new standard of what is our acceptable baseline.

If you're a part of my community, I know that you believe (or want to believe) that you are a woman that is NOT going to just tolerate acceptable baselines, am I right?

We are women that are here to hold out for exactly what we want. And that may mean meaning to walk away.

And that may mean I mean, maybe to system set some start some strong boundaries, but it's worth it at the end of the day, because you end up receiving what you want.

If we accept and tolerate the bare minimum, then that's what we're telling the universe & men that we're okay with.

But when we choose to say:
"No, I am a high class, high value woman and this is what I know is my standard and my norm and my natural state of being"

Then that's what we step into receiving, and that's what we're communicating to the world that we deserve.

Being in our worth...
Standing in our worth...
Choosing to put ourselves first...

Has to be our top priority. Because if YOU don't respect you, no one else will be able to respect you.

This is about OWNING your feminine power & helping your man to HEAR YOU on a deep heart level.

This is about knowing when and how to communicate with strength & vulnerability.

This is about learning how to manage your emotions in a healthy way and communicating without coming off weak or "emotional".

This is about commanding respect, holding dignity and embodying majesty.

If you are in this situation right now, where your man is causing you to question things - this is your opportunity to take back control and power of the situation.

The only thing you can control is #2: Understanding how you might be enabling this behavior, and learning how to speak directly to his heart so that you can naturally shift the energy dynamics back into harmony and intimacy.

More times than not, men have no idea what they're doing wrong - and it's up to US to communicate openly with them so that they can understand how to fix their actions so they don't end up hurting us.

BUT - If after learning how to communicate and speak to his heart, he still isn't changing his behavior, that's how you'll know it's time to hold your head high and walk away to greener pastures.

Either way - YOU WIN. Either you help rebalance the energetic scales of love, respect and connection within the relationship through open and honest communication,

OR you save yourself from years of potential pain and struggle and reclaim your power to open up space for the next man to snatch your gorgeousness up ;)

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